Being An Artist While Working Full-time

by Krystal Carter

The Struggle

With being a natural artist, there's always that magnetic pull to creativity as you go about your day. It's like a burden that you just need to release. It can be frustrating working 8 hours straight when in the back of your mind Art is calling you.

Call Centers Just Might Work

Luckily for me, I work in a call center and we are allowed to have Word Seaches, Crossword Puzzles, Books, etc. Heck, adults even bring coloring books to work along with crayons/color pencils for the downtime. I'm thankful to be able to let off some creative steam with my sketchbook and copic markers BUT I would LOVE to slide my iPad and Apple Pencil out of my purse and really get to work!

Clocking Out

The most annoying part about it all is when you finally make it home, you kind of just want to eat then roll over and go to sleep. Then there is the walk of shame when you wake up and think about how you dreamed of creating all while at work then came home and went to sleep.


There comes a time where you have to make that sacrifice tired or not. Trading your time for money is an endless cycle and the only way to break out of it is to make that extra time to do what you're passionate about. At times it can feel like Job #2 after clocking out BUT, it's necessary to move forward in becoming your own boss! 

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